Here's a snapshot of my trip to Arizona to visit my Best Friend. 
I had such a great time… I was a cat for Halloween.  meow ;)

{ Laying by the pool in the sunshine is my kind of lifestyle }

{ Me and my Best at an Irish Pub called Murphy's Law… Their pretzel appetizers were to die! }

{ Sitting at my gate, waiting for my plane… I was so sad to leave this beautiful place. Thinking about coming back home to the rain and my job, I wasn't super stoked to say the least. }

{ On the plane! I LOVE window seats. Staring out the window at the tiny people and houses and cars below never ceases to make me smile. Every single time I fly, it makes me think of how small we really are and how big we make our problems when in reality the universe is so much more grand than we'll ever really know. Makes me think and daydream as I sit and stare out the window. }

{ Perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Spotted this cute little record player at Target and I couldn't resist… Then I found the coolest record store… which wasn't so cool because they were out of every single record I wanted :( I settled for this Matt Costa vinyl and it's not too bad. I've already listened to it about 50 times. }

Cheers to the end of another long week! 


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