I have no words at the moment for how gorgeous Huntington Beach is or the Hollywood Sign Hike.

For now, I will pile these pictures here... later I will add more stories and words perhaps. 

For now, it's just a random pile. 

Pretend you found these in a dusty old attic.

I'm sure your stories would be just as grand.

Sometimes it's nice just to look and wonder.


Flea Market LOVE

Today - I went flea market shopping and fell in love. My mom always had antiques around the house growing up, and walking into old antique stores gave me an instant feeling of being home, and the old smell made me feel like I was home. 

I got coffee at THE cutest coffee shop called The Aussie Bean. They have one size only, and they only have white and dark chocolate powder that they add to the coffee {dairy free//Vegan} I made sure. I got the white chocolate with cinnamon and it was HEAVENLY. I want another one. PRONTO.

I'm also low key obsessed with all the cool Presidential buttons. I kind of want to start a funny presidential collection with all things patriotic and politics. How cool would that be? Some of these buttons are so old. I love them!

Also in love with these car prints... I want my whole house to be filled with knick knacks and antiques one day. I get this collect-all-the-old-things gene from my mother. You can thank her.

I also wanted this cool Zenith Clock Radio BUT $60? EEeesh. California knows how to make things more expensive. So I took a picture instead. So adorable.

This cool bracelet was from the flea market. This really cool guy makes them out of old coins. It was only $10 and way more in my price range! haha... Help me I'm poor.

Saving the best finds for last. I've been collecting old Disney paraphernalia as of lately and I'm in love. I found a matchbook, an old button from the 80s, and an old watch today. I'm on the hunt for old Mickey watches. I keep finding them every place I go! I think it's a sign! 

That's all for now! Hope you had a great Saturday. More treasure hunting to come...


Love and Dole Whips

I have an utter obsession with Dole Whips. I honest-to-gosh don't know what it is about this Pineapple swirled divine goodness. I. Literally. Can't. Get. Enough. 

There's something magical about the perfect temperature of this cold treat - mixed with the perfect amount of pineapple that makes your mouth water a little bit. Every single time I take a bite - I'm transported to a summery day on Main Street in Disneyland. 

Oh wait. It's not a dream. heehee.

The other night I went to the park around 6pm to wait for some of my friends so that we could watch the Paint the Night Parade. Side note: If you haven't seen that parade yet -- run, don't walk to Disneyland and go watch it. You'll be so glad you did. 

Meanwhile, I decided to dig into this delicious Dole Whip as I waited. Feeding my obsession.
 Sitting outside at the Jolly Holiday - taking in all the fun sounds. The giggles from little kids having their first bite of a Mickey Cookie - or a Dad grinning ear to ear as he watches his kids and wife hug Pluto. Pure joy. Sometimes when you just sit and listen, you can kind of imagine what it must have been like when Walt first sat down in the park by himself - In awe and amazement of what he had created. sigh.

Another obsession of mine? This phone case. Look how adorable that little chipmunk with the Mickey ears is. Stinkin cute. I love how retro and scrapbook-y it looks. Jaaaahhh feeeeel? 

Needless to say -- I can't tell you how happy I am I decided to stick to my guns and move to Disneyland. Best decision I've ever made. Doing something I've always wanted to do. 

You never know where it might lead you..

Maybe even to a surprise Elton John concert that you happened upon?.. 

Hmm.. that sounds like a story for another time. 

Look for me on the Wonderful World of Disney in February -- sporting these glowing beauts. 

Have a Magical Day!
xoxo P.