Ice Cream & Sunshine

This is my week recap so far... Since I don't have "real" weekends, today would be considered my Sunday, and tomorrow would technically be my Monday.. Are you thoroughly confused yet? Good me too. 
So here's my happy little face in the sunshine... (#selfie?) It's okay. It's nice out so selfies are okay right? .. The sun doesn't shine much in rainy PDX BUT my "weekend" has been amazingly sunny and I got to go out on my balcony and sunbathe with my dog who is currently trying to sit on my computer while I type.. Stop it! 

Wait.. I bet you wish you could lay that comfortably in the sun all day long. I know I wish I could! Churro my little chihuahua is so hilarious. He LOVES the light breeze and the sunlight beaming onto his back so he lays out on my balcony for hours when the rain decides to let up. 

This is him being a good little co-pilot while I ran my errands to Dutch Bros for coffee and then to Trader Joe's to get some fresh fruit and veggies for the week. 

Look at that little derpy face he's making. Such a happy co-pilot he is! Until he decides to climb on all facets of me while I'm trying to navigate a tight turn. He's great at timing. Let me tell you. Once I start to turn, he jumps into my lap and puts his paws with all his weight onto my arm so I have to support him and turn my steering wheel at the same time... If you need help with coordination while driving feel free to borrow my dog. He'll challenge your driving skills for sure.

This is him navigating our walk later.. such a good lil guy. Barking at everyone he sees *facepalm*. He embarrasses me by thinking he's the biggest dog in the world. 

THIS is the sunset from my run the other night. It was so breathtakingly gorgeous I had to stop and take a few pictures. Embrace the little things like sunsets in life. Just being outdoors really helps me stay balanced!

This is the proverbial "I'm almost done with my run" shot I took. Also, these are literally THE best running pants!..? is that a word.. workout pants?.. hmm.. anyways these are the best I've ever had! They are from the NIKE employee store and I love them! That's probably not helpful at all for those of you that really want to know what kind of NIKE workout pants they are.. If you ask I'll go look at the tags but at the moment I'm in the blogging zone soooo.. that'll have to wait :) 

But wait... after my run/walk I really wanted to make red velvet cupcakes.. but a healthier version so I used this recipe and made these DELICIOUS cupcakes. Seriously good stuff! I ended up using store bought cream cheese frosting, even though the cupcakes are Vegan.. Sue me. They're delicious. You won't regret making them. Well you will.. Once you eat 3 in one sitting. Then you'll give them all to your co-workers to scarf down while you watch, sadly. But then you can make some more. I promise. 

and then.. I felt guilty for making cupcakes so I chopped up a bunch of veggies, added some salt, pepper, olive oil and italian seasoning and popped them in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes. SO YUMMY. Now these you don't have to feel guilty about. Well maybe you do if you're me and you made "extra" veggies for the week and then you ate them all for dinner. Wait.. is there a pattern here? No never.. I don't have any problem eating my veggies.. or two servings of veggies. #yolo. Is that an appropriate use of that acronym?.. jk. but really. You only live once so eat your vegetables! :)

The next day I decided to run some hills.. Gotta make up for your cupcake addiction somehow.. ammiiright?. Mine included some Switchfoot (their new album is bomb) and of course some more shoe selfies.. because what says motivation/progress like stopping to take pictures of your feet and having everyone driving by stare at you like you're crazy. It's okay. I'm used to it. 

Speaking of running and being healthy and scarfing down cupcakes for dinner... Yesterday was free scoop day at Ben & Jerry's. There was a live band playing and everything.. and by band I mean these 50 year old men dressed in tie dye shirts got this sweet gig playing music to a line of hungry people who wanted free ice cream.. 

Woo! Ice Cream.. As you can see I eat fast. To be fair, it was melting! I got chocolate chip cookie dough. #yum.. Okay I promise I'll stop using hashtags. It's really obnoxious I know.

But look how delicious it looks. Round two anyone?

Then.. we decided to go to Buffalo Exchange *Swoon* I love that place. Sadly, this was all I found. I know you're probably thinking to yourself WTF is that.. Well, it's a badminton necklace and I thought it was cool.. Also, I partially bought it for my mom because she had these vintage birdies laying around our house.. or as my mom refers to them "Shuttlecocks".. My friend and I had a good laugh because of that word. I know I know it's potty humor.. Whatevs. still funny. I dare you to say shuttlecock without smirking. Not possible. 

Anyways! when I was visiting home last time, by dog decided to chew up my mom's vintage shuttlecocks.. Oops. To my defense they were made of real bird feathers (thus the name birdie for us modern folk). So.. Whoops. He ate it and I felt really bad. I found all the pieces of her antique lying under the dining room table and I run up to my mom and say, "I'm really sorry Churro ate this!" .. then my dad comes into the room and says, "What the heck was that?" and then I say, "Mom's antique birdie!".. My dad looks confused like he's never seen it in his life.. 

Bless his heart, he doesn't really notice things very often. Like when my mom paints or re-arranges the furniture. Most of the time he won't notice for months on end, and then one day, out of the blue he'll exclaim "When did we get this?!" or "Where did that thing go?" or "Has this always been this color?". Yup. That's my dad for yah. He's the type of person, that you say, "Hey, do you notice anything different about me?" (when you've just cut your hair differently) and he'll say something pithy like, "Yah, your face looks weird" or "Nope, you're still here". Okay thanks Dad. NEVERMIND. 

And that's my story for the day. A little recap of my life in pictures and words. 


OHHH Happy Friday

Raise your hand if you're happy it's Friday! (Raising all my hands and toes)... Even though I don't really get "real" weekends {I'm a manager in the retail world} **sigh**

It's okay though. I love fashion so it's worth it. Anywhooo this week has felt like the most colossal week EVER. I learned that I am being transferred to help manage another store that is at least a 40 minute commute away from where I currently live.. My current commute to work is give or take 5 mins... **another sigh** SO what does this mean? 

This means I shall be moving AGAIN for the 3rd time that I've lived in this beautiful city.. **enter yet another sigh** Moving is just all mess and no order. I hate having my life packed away into boxes. It's just sad and makes me want to throw everything in le dumpster out back. No joke. All my beloved Ikea furniture and cute Target throw rugs... all of it. 

I also hate moving because well.. it just plain sucks. You have to find a new place, pay all that money and then get reacquainted with new groceries stores, and gas stations, and Targets. Good 'ol Target. It's my trusty friend when I need a little retail therapy from working in the retail world. Ironic? Maybe a little bit. But that little red bullseye just makes me so darn happy.

SO moving will be soonish.. Still haven't worked all those details out, but the rest of my week was a whirlwind too. I tried to find ways to relax and keep my brain sane in all the changes that are happening. I went on a long walk the other day and it was GORGEOUS out. I also went on a run the other day... Whoa BAD idea. I've been trying to get over this head cold and I literally wheezed for hours after I got back from the worst 2 miles I've ever run. Whoops. My B. 

My bun decided to be a lil lopsided bun and wouldn't sit straight for the life of me. So I rocked it instead. 

I listened to some Mumford and Sons on my trusty lil record player while my dog barked at it for about an hour. He thought someone was in my room singing and it freaked him out. 

Anyways.. I work again tomorrow and Sunday, but Fridays always feel a little special for me. It's like the period at the end of a sentence. It's my reset day. I get to take a deep breath (and a few sighs) and reflect on my week. It's kinda nice.

This also leads me to my future thinking and goals. I don't think I'll be going back to school like I said in earlier posts.. I'm going to keep on trucking and make the best with what I've got. I'd rather build my real life skills and become great at something. Even if it takes a little longer and even though it might mean sacrificing a few weekends. 

I'm just going to pause for the little moments and the little joys in life a little more often. I think we all should. <3

So take a deep breath. It's all going to be okay..