Sunday Funday

Ello there!

On Saturday, I finally got off work at a decent time and I was free to enjoy the sunshine that decided to come out and play.. It literally monsooned all day until I got off work. Lucky break I guess!

Anywho! I went out for a little bit to grab a few drinks with friends in NE Portland, and then I decided to head home early because I felt like I was coming down with something.

Sunday morning I woke up and I was completely sick :( Head plugged up, nose plugged up, feelin icky.. I rallied though because I was going to a Blazer game! Woo! My first one since moving to Portland last year! I took enough Dayquil and Sudafed to cure a cow (not really.. but almost) I needed to feel better..

Here's the Moda Center (Still think it should be called Rose Garden) If you're from PDX you would understand... anywaysss... Here it is in all it's glory! Bright lights and 7 feet tall men dribbling that ball down the court. Go Team! (Obviously I watch sports often.. I try).

And in the middle of the game I had to use the bathroom soooo bad I couldn't wait any longer.. I got out of my seat and did the little dance where all the people next to you have to stand up so you can walk by.. PS: Whoever invented that seat design was silly. I still don't understand why everyone must stand so you can walk by. I feel so ridiculous making people stand up, so what do I do? I hold it until my bladder feels like it's gonna explode. TMI? Whoops sorry bout it. 

Anyways, I made sure to take my ticket with me to memorize where I was sitting. I am HORRIBLE with directions. I get turned around easily, don't know left from right, and can't tell you which way is North or South. Don't ever ask my for directions.. I will literally point you the wrong way on accident.

So I get up, try to memorize every food-stand I walk by, finally find the bathroom, full of drunk girls staring at me, do my business, and then venture out to find my seat...

I walk into the Section my ticket says, it doesn't look familiar, so I walk back to another section that does, ask the lady where my seat is and she points me back over to the entrance that's mine and I walk back in..

Still lost, I ask the man at the front where my seat is, he points to it, and my friend looks back and laughs a little. Oops.. Why am I so embarrassing? aghh I thought I would recognize the people that were sitting next to me but I guess I didn't memorize the back of their heads well enough.

Woe is me. This is my ridiculous life. Stupid directionally challenged life. Why am I so embarrassing and awkward. 

The end. 


Things I Love Friday

{Things I love love love}

In no particular order these are the things I've been loving lately.

1. Carrie Bradshaw and all things SATC (Sex and the City). Need I explain? This lady is truly inspiring. In her daily life she has been designing shoes for Nordstrom... Watch THIS video and tell me you aren't inspired. Seriously wish I was SJP on a daily basis. Great shoes, fun job, and awesome style. So much love for that woman.

2. Vintage Frames. I have this weird obsession with frames. I go to antique stores or even Target and I literally can't stop picking up frames. I don't even have enough pictures to put in all of them (#selfies don't count as pictures you can display in your house do they??! No?.. Darn it).. Anywho.. I love me some frames! Especially some white, antiqued, shabby chic'ed ones.

3. Beach/ Beach pictures. LOVE. Just LOVE the beach. I don't know what my obsession with the beach is but it's real. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains and it's cold.. Like WTH was I thinking? Give me some sunshine and a bikini and I'm set. I live for the sunny days where all I have to wear is shorts and a tank top. 

4. Bows! Obsessed.. They are so freakin adorable. I like sticking 'em in my hair and dressing up my buns or ponytails. I know I already look like I'm permanently 18 so why not play it up while I can? Makes me feel like I'm in Disneyland or frolicking around the woods like a Disney princess. Juvenile? Sue me. I love me some bows.

5. Giant puffy headboards. Wait.. That's not what they're called? Meh oh well. Whatever they are called I love them. They look so comfy and glamourous.. Also, considering my headboard I bought from Target awhile ago.. months ago.. Will not attach to my bed frame. So it just hangs there and sometimes almost falls on my head. Whoaaa what? Yah.. Cheers to being a single adult.. Any men wanna come fix it for me? :) haha jk.. I'll leave it just hangin there until I can get my hands on one of these fluffy headboards. At least it'll be safer if it falls on me. Right?

6. Revlon lipstick. Hey it's 7.99 and you can roam the aisles of Target searching for it. That's a good enough excuse right? I've been loving the light pink colors. Makes me feel like it's summer. Paired with my little bows, and I'm good to go. Go get yourself some lip smackers... wait it's not the 90s anymore.. Some lipstick. Go get yourself some lipstick, you twenty-something-beauty-queen.

Okay.. I'm done. SO glad it's Friday. I work Saturday BUT I get to go to a Blazer game on Sunday! Holla. 

Tah Tah for now.


Do Something

Hey fellow bloggites... Bloggers... uhhh I donno why I said bloggites. Is that awkward? Welp.. that's Paige for yah.

Anyways, it is currently 10:11am and I have to be to work at 11am and I'm just sitting in front of my computer and kind of forgot I should probably go make my lunch and get dressed or something like that.

Well, the world has a funny way of saying things to me.

I literally can't stand my job anymore (I know, I know depressing) BUT in my last post I commented about how I wanted to apply for grad school for teaching. Well folks, I started the application process, accidentally sent the dean 5 emails. I think she thinks I'm cray now. Oops.

I also scheduled a meeting with her this morning, forgetting how horrible traffic is in the mornings.. so I had to re-schedule. Then I learned that I don't have the pre-requisites for the program I wanted to do :( Sad day, right?

Well I guess this gives me time to think.. I could take the pre-reqs and decide if teaching is really for me, or I could get another job and struggle for a bit.. #postgradprobs

Kids - Don't EVER graduate from college. The real world ain't what it's cracked up to be. (I'm starting to sound like an old man.. eeeesh)

As I'm driving home from work at 10:30 last night.. Yep, PM.. Ugh. Working late blows, man.
I'm pulling up to my drive and in my mind I'm just thinking, "What in the heck were you thinking, Paige? Why did you think you could make a career out of retail?"

I guess the world had a way of showing me how miserable I was yesterday. Showing me never to settle for something that pays the bills.. Never settle for 'good enough'.

But it's had me thinking... what SHOULD I be doing? What am I passionate about? I know it's not this life that I'm living right now.

I wish for so much happiness and success but I still can't find it. Maybe I'm searching in the wrong places? I suppose.. But I really hope I find a glimmer of hope soon. I feel like I'm a sinking ship and I'm stuck.

Anyone else feel like this?

Wahhh Wahh Wahh

Okay I'll get off my soap box now..

Happy post coming to you soon.


More Bloggin

Hiiiii Readers!

Jk.. I don't really have any yet.. Probably because I don't write enough.

I'll have to fix that.

Welp here goes..

So, lately I've been really down in the dumps. I hate where I'm living. I hate my job. I hate working weekends. I know what you're thinking. That's a lot of hate. But sometimes you have to hate something to motivate yourself to do better..

 No? That's not how most people operate. Well that's how I operate. It's okay I promise I'm actually a pretty positive person.

Anyways.. This lead me to think about my two choices I have.

My Bachelors degree is in Merchandising Management which means I can be a store manager/ manager (I'm currently an asst. manager) and work weekends for the rest of my life, or I can become a buyer.. which is extremely hard to break into unless you've worked in a buying office. Which leads to many of years in retail before that's even possible. See my conundrum?! My best bet is to get my Masters degree and have a life and a job I love. I of course, choose the latter.

I've decided I want to go back to school and get my Masters in Teaching so I can be an Elementary school teacher.

Putting all that down in words just made it real for me.. Yikes. Dreams are scary, but if you don't put in the hard work you'll never get to where you wanna go. So dream big my readers.

Do something you're scared of or think you'll fail at... because chances are, you'll succeed :)

Hope you're all having an awesome St. Patty's day.

Lots more to come..