Flea Market LOVE

Today - I went flea market shopping and fell in love. My mom always had antiques around the house growing up, and walking into old antique stores gave me an instant feeling of being home, and the old smell made me feel like I was home. 

I got coffee at THE cutest coffee shop called The Aussie Bean. They have one size only, and they only have white and dark chocolate powder that they add to the coffee {dairy free//Vegan} I made sure. I got the white chocolate with cinnamon and it was HEAVENLY. I want another one. PRONTO.

I'm also low key obsessed with all the cool Presidential buttons. I kind of want to start a funny presidential collection with all things patriotic and politics. How cool would that be? Some of these buttons are so old. I love them!

Also in love with these car prints... I want my whole house to be filled with knick knacks and antiques one day. I get this collect-all-the-old-things gene from my mother. You can thank her.

I also wanted this cool Zenith Clock Radio BUT $60? EEeesh. California knows how to make things more expensive. So I took a picture instead. So adorable.

This cool bracelet was from the flea market. This really cool guy makes them out of old coins. It was only $10 and way more in my price range! haha... Help me I'm poor.

Saving the best finds for last. I've been collecting old Disney paraphernalia as of lately and I'm in love. I found a matchbook, an old button from the 80s, and an old watch today. I'm on the hunt for old Mickey watches. I keep finding them every place I go! I think it's a sign! 

That's all for now! Hope you had a great Saturday. More treasure hunting to come...


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