DIY Container Garden

I have found that the older I get, the more focused I get on the weirdest tasks or ideas. First it was crochet, then it was baking, now it's growing herbs. Look out world.. old lady Paige coming through.

All joking aside, I love the idea of growing my own plants and herbs. This idea came to me one day - simply because I love adding fresh herbs to my meals, but they ALWAYS go bad in the fridge when I buy them from the store and don't use them fast enough.

Now... a little back story about my black little thumb... I have killed every single house plant I've ever owned. Yes.. even the two cactuses that I joked about DIED. How does one kill a cactus you ask? I have no idea. I blame Ikea. I think it was defective. RIP cacti. 

Anywho.. so here we are. Once again crossing my fingers my plants don't wilt and disintegrate. I planted Basil first because apparently it's the heartiest to plant, and the easiest to keep alive. Yes, I laughed at that too when I read it online.. and then I got some Oregano seeds and went wild with those. Next came Rosemary, and then I decided wildflowers would also be fun.

Now let me also just say that I live in the city, on the 17th floor, and that means I can't run around in overalls outside gardening, and hoeing all day. Ok I just wanted to say hoeing because it made me giggle. BUT that just means I get to container garden. The old lady in me just jumped for joy.

Have you even looked at container gardens on Pinterest before? SWOON.
If you haven't, I highly suggest it. Unless you have things to do. Then I don't suggest it. Because Pinterest is a major time-suck and I'm totally ok with that.

Just look at these creative ideas:
Link from Pinterest
Link from Pinterest 
Link from Pinterest
Link from Pinterest

Needless to say, the sky is the limit with these adorable little container gardens! My teeny tiny garden is small, and maybe not quite as cool as these, but still really fun and mighty.

.. and knock on wood.. I haven't killed too many yet... Yes, too many. Two containers I did throw away, but I still have 7 that are alive and kickin! That is a success I would say.

 Okay so lets get started on creating the container garden of your dreams!
First get some cheap-o planters. These came from Winco. Yes I got these at a grocery store. Sue me.

I loved the texture and the shape, but the color was too boring for me so I picked up some spray paint from Wally World -- Make sure you get spray paint that sticks well to plastic (it will say so on the spray can), but if you have some spray paint lying around somewhere - use that! That's totally fine.

Here is the spray paint I used -- Rust-oleum has great coverage. It only took me two coats to cover my planters!

Then you're going to want to lay down some cardboard or some paper so you don't get spray paint on your balcony.. or the ground.. or on yourself for that matter. Comprende?

Let your container dry for a few hours in between coats to make sure your paint doesn't peel off. Once it's dry, you can fill it with dirt aka soil and whatever seeds or plants your little heart desires!

Then -- I got really excited when I realized I could use some of my chalkboard spray paint I found at Walmart to paint these weird little containers I found at Target that were on sale for like 40 cents. Booyahhh. 

My little balcony garden 

Look how adorable these turned out! I found these little cups at Target in the kid's kitchen area for really cheap. They were a HIDEOUS color before I painted them, and I'm so happy with the result! I probably should have drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, and I still might do that, but my plants are growing so well right now -- I am beyond thrilled with my little project. Look at those happy little Herbs.

I've been really careful not to over-water these suckers. Next time I think I will drill holes and add some little vintage plates for them to sit on -- Which I still might do!

Happy Planting! Go wild :) 


Ps. Make sure you buy organic, non-gmo seeds. You want to have happy healthy plants that won't make you sick. Okay.. Carry on.

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