Corn Starch & Food Coloring

You might be asking yourself what I've been up to the last month or two.. 

A small portion of my time involved Corn Starch & Food Coloring in the form of the Color Vibe in Portland. It was such a blast and I want to do another color run sometime in my near future.

Bonus++ you get some pretty awesome pictures you can laugh about later.

Especially the gross combination of the colored powder and sweat.. mmm yummy..

The tutu made it all worth it.. Like, why can't it be acceptable for an adult to wear a tutu everyday? *sigh*

The energy and music was contagious, and the laughter as the people dumped colored powder onto innocent runners was well worth the price of admission.

If you've never run a race before - I highly suggest doing a race similar to the color run.
It's not timed, there's lots of people that walk after the first mile {or even from the starting line} and the music will keep you going.

The essentials you'll need are:

--White Tutu (got mine on Amazon)
--Waterproof case for your phone -- you'll be happy to be able to take pictures w/out worrying about ruining your phone
--Tall socks.. just because it's fun.
--Shoes you don't mind ruining (scored mine at Goodwill)
--I also bought the "fun pack" that the Color Vibe offered online -- this included color packets to throw color at people, a sweet handkerchief that I used as a headband, as well as a tee shirt!

Next up.. Timber's Game:

On Wednesday, I got to go to the Timber's Game in the Adidas Suite. 

Even though I don't really follow the sport of Soccer, it's fun to go to the games and laugh and talk with co-workers.

The match was a tie, but the energy from the Timber's Army was so intoxicating to experience. They sing hilarious songs, chant loud, and wave their Timber's scarves like nobodies business.


And that my friends is the end of a very long and draining week.

Currently, I'm commandeering Starbuck's wi-fi while I "study" for the GRE.. Yuck.

If you've never cracked open a GRE book - consider yourself lucky.

This test is all about tricking people.. similar to the SAT, studying can be draining.

I find myself putting off studying until the weekend, simply because I enjoy working out and relaxing after work too much to tax my brain on GRE gibberish. 

With that... I leave you with this: My favorite tall socks, and my adoring Asics. <3333


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