Getting Fit for 2016

In 2015, I became really serious about running. I ran a handful of races and really increased my fitness ability and I also started to realize that I'm much stronger and more capable than I ever thought possible.

People think that you gain a false-sense of confidence when you begin working out  - but I'm here to tell you it's not false. The more you workout, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more confident you will become in all facets of your life. Trust me. 

Change your habits, Change your mind.

I'm not saying that to be cheesy either. In 2014, I was very unhappy. I was reeling from a breakup that left me feeling very broken, and I began chasing friends and people - trying to have people accept me for me. Being walked on constantly, I finally realized I didn't want that life anymore. I stopped going to bars with people that weren't really my friends and instead, I became a fitness obsessed hermit. 

Sometimes you can go from one extreme to another, but eventually, you'll balance it all out. Don't give up on your journey.

Just being by yourself and figuring things out can be really clarifying. 

Okay, enough wisdom, Young Grasshopper. Keep reading for some tips to get to kickstarted for 2016.

1. Create a playlist or find some good ones on Spotify.

I like listening to Discover Weekly on Spotify, Running Playlists, or EDM Playlists. All of these get me pumped to workout or run. I love listening to good music while I workout it’s a major stress reliever.

I think I listened to all of KYGO's songs on repeat this year.

It's amazing the amount of new music you'll get to listen to while you reach your stride. 

Check these out if you're at a loss for music inspiration:

2.    Gear Up

Get a good pair of headphones that won't fall out of your ears while you’re getting your pump on. There is nothing more annoying than having your earbuds ripped out mid-squat or mid-sprint. NOTHING.

      Here's a list of my fave headphones/earbuds:
Yur Buds - These have some serious staying power! Also, you can still hear ambient noise like cars so you won't get run over in traffic.
LED Flashing Earbuds - Pairs great with some EDM 
Gym Headphones - These are wireless which is great for the gym. I wouldn't suggest wearing these running because they are noise cancelling -- You won't be able to hear traffic or cars that are about to run you over.

I swear by having quality workout bottoms. No, I’m not talking about yo glutes. I’m talking about the pants/shorts that you wear while working out. If you cheap-out, I believe you will be pulling your pants up 50% of the time which distracts from working out. Or maybe that’s just me and my Beyonce bum. If my pants are falling down, I can't concentrate on my reps or strides.


       MY FAVES
Nike Stay Warm Running Tights - Best for cooler fall days, but I can wear these in any weather with no problem.
Nike Long Running Tights - Light weight and great for running and lifting
Nike Dri-Fit Pro Core Compression Short - These are pretty short, but I love wearing them with tall socks for my squat days. Impossible to run in though. Don't get these to run in. Unless you like your cheeks hanging out ;)

      Flip Belt: Again, I swear by this. You can stick your keys, money, and phone in your belt while you run or lift. It doesn’t ride-up like some other running belts I’ve tried -- and it keeps your phone from flying out of your sports bra or waistband. It also doesn’t pool sweat into your phone (ew gross I know) which is a major bonus when you sweat as much as I do.
      Get yours here!


      Headbands: I LOVE wearing headbands while working out. Again, maybe it’s a sweat thing, but it totally keeps the sweat from dripping into your eyes and I swear by them.
This girl's etsy shop is to DIE - I get all of my headbands from her.

     Polar Watch – This is not a necessity, but I do think it’s fun once you’ve been working out for awhile to try this out. You can see how many calories you’re burning as you’re working out AND you can use it while doing HIIT workouts to keep your heart rate in check.
SWOON this is the new one

FitBit – I really love my fitbit. I think they can be a bit over-rated but I love checking in on my steps and seeing patterns in my daily steps. Having a desk job really makes me antsy to get up and walk more.
I have THIS one
Accessorize it HERE

      Hydroflask – Seriously obsessed with this water bottle. It keeps your water cold and it keeps me drinking water. I also really love the Brita Water bottles because they filter your water as you drink and it has a straw. What more could you want?!

4. Write down your goals – Take a piece of paper and write down three short term fitness goals and three long term fitness goals. This helps me when I’m feeling lazy and not wanting to workout – I look at my goals and remember why I’m doing this fitness thing.

For example here are my short-term health goals:
-Workout 3 x a Week
-Eat fruit for breakfast 3 x a week
-Eat a cup of veggies for dinner 4x a week

Long-term goals:
-Run a half marathon by the end of 2016
-Lose 10 LBS by end of 2016
-Don’t injure yourself this year! Stretch daily!

I have THIS journal and use it when I need to keep track of all my fitness goals and progress.

Although stretching could be included in my short term goals, I hurt myself a LOT this year in 2015 from over-training and not stretching enough. It’s a long term goal of mine to make this a major goal.

Try to put dates by things – for most of these, these are year-long goals. If you want to shorten the timeline – you can certainly do that.

5.    Schedule your workouts:

Schedule them into your planner or set reminders in your phone. Make appointments with yourself, and keep them! You wouldn’t cancel an appointment 2 minutes beforehand – so don’t do that to yourself. Even if you can only do 15 minutes, then do it J

Photo Cred: HERE

6.    YOUTUBE is your friend: 

A lot of times I feel extremely unmotivated and don’t feel like making up my own workouts. This is when YouTube comes in handy. Here are my favorite workout channels:

My favorite fitspo --> @hunnybunsfit on Instagram

Hopefully this helps you get started! Comment down below with your favorite tips for 2016 and working out.

Stay tuned with my moving adventures from Oregon to California.

xo P.

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