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Hey fellow bloggites... Bloggers... uhhh I donno why I said bloggites. Is that awkward? Welp.. that's Paige for yah.

Anyways, it is currently 10:11am and I have to be to work at 11am and I'm just sitting in front of my computer and kind of forgot I should probably go make my lunch and get dressed or something like that.

Well, the world has a funny way of saying things to me.

I literally can't stand my job anymore (I know, I know depressing) BUT in my last post I commented about how I wanted to apply for grad school for teaching. Well folks, I started the application process, accidentally sent the dean 5 emails. I think she thinks I'm cray now. Oops.

I also scheduled a meeting with her this morning, forgetting how horrible traffic is in the mornings.. so I had to re-schedule. Then I learned that I don't have the pre-requisites for the program I wanted to do :( Sad day, right?

Well I guess this gives me time to think.. I could take the pre-reqs and decide if teaching is really for me, or I could get another job and struggle for a bit.. #postgradprobs

Kids - Don't EVER graduate from college. The real world ain't what it's cracked up to be. (I'm starting to sound like an old man.. eeeesh)

As I'm driving home from work at 10:30 last night.. Yep, PM.. Ugh. Working late blows, man.
I'm pulling up to my drive and in my mind I'm just thinking, "What in the heck were you thinking, Paige? Why did you think you could make a career out of retail?"

I guess the world had a way of showing me how miserable I was yesterday. Showing me never to settle for something that pays the bills.. Never settle for 'good enough'.

But it's had me thinking... what SHOULD I be doing? What am I passionate about? I know it's not this life that I'm living right now.

I wish for so much happiness and success but I still can't find it. Maybe I'm searching in the wrong places? I suppose.. But I really hope I find a glimmer of hope soon. I feel like I'm a sinking ship and I'm stuck.

Anyone else feel like this?

Wahhh Wahh Wahh

Okay I'll get off my soap box now..

Happy post coming to you soon.


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