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Hiiiii Readers!

Jk.. I don't really have any yet.. Probably because I don't write enough.

I'll have to fix that.

Welp here goes..

So, lately I've been really down in the dumps. I hate where I'm living. I hate my job. I hate working weekends. I know what you're thinking. That's a lot of hate. But sometimes you have to hate something to motivate yourself to do better..

 No? That's not how most people operate. Well that's how I operate. It's okay I promise I'm actually a pretty positive person.

Anyways.. This lead me to think about my two choices I have.

My Bachelors degree is in Merchandising Management which means I can be a store manager/ manager (I'm currently an asst. manager) and work weekends for the rest of my life, or I can become a buyer.. which is extremely hard to break into unless you've worked in a buying office. Which leads to many of years in retail before that's even possible. See my conundrum?! My best bet is to get my Masters degree and have a life and a job I love. I of course, choose the latter.

I've decided I want to go back to school and get my Masters in Teaching so I can be an Elementary school teacher.

Putting all that down in words just made it real for me.. Yikes. Dreams are scary, but if you don't put in the hard work you'll never get to where you wanna go. So dream big my readers.

Do something you're scared of or think you'll fail at... because chances are, you'll succeed :)

Hope you're all having an awesome St. Patty's day.

Lots more to come..


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