20 Things I love about Fall

Can I just say that I have a slight obsession with fall? I kind of forget how much I love it until I'm knee deep in pumpkin spice and don't know what day it is anymore.

Fall candles, chunky scarves, and killer boots are just the beginning of my obsession.

Here's my list of fall favorites:

1. Crunchy Leaves
2. Hocus Pocus & Practical Magic on repeat all fall
3. Pumpkin/ Fall smelling candles
4. Chunky Scarves
5. Boots!
6. Perfect weather to run in
7. Coffee and warm drinks in general are the shiz
8. Pumpkin Patches
9. Pumpkin Seeds
10. Pumpkins.. and glitter. What a great combo
11. Orange and red and autumn colors in general
12. Not feeling lame staying in, drinking tea, and watching Halloweentown.. Sorry not sorry.
13. Listening to Thriller... and then deciding to watch 13 Going on 30 because that movie is so great!
14. Googling sexy Disney Costumes.. Again, #noshame #yolo
15. Deciding that sexy is a really stupid word.. Eeeeesh
16. Monster Mash... Don't lie. You just starting humming along to that song.. It's okay. Me too. 
17. Deciding soggy leaves on the sidewalk are nast.. Like real nast.
18. Mmm.. Soup! Soup is so dang good
19. Good Books & Fireplaces to read by
20. Perfect Blogging weather

Did I mention I also really love putting together killer fall outfits? Whoa.. that was a weird segue. Don't mind my ADD. Fall does that to me.

Anyways.. My friends and I went to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday and it was quite humorous. I grew up in the country so it's always funny seeing loads of people trekking out into the middle of nowhere to experience the open spaces and the simple peacefulness that it brings. 

The humor comes in the fact that all of my friends unknowingly wore flannel.. without planning it, we all were decked out in plaid and looking very fall-esque. 

We get to the pumpkin patch and my friends and I are wandering around looking for our soul-mate pumpkins. Yup, I made that up. Isn't it true though? You wait for the perfect Punkin to call out your name -- "Paige, Pick meeee!" -- The ones that really call out to us.. Don't lie. You do it too. 

Meanwhile, one of my friends picks up her pumpkin and begins to say, "I just took a selfie with my Pumpkin you guys!" Hahaa we all bust up laughing. Thanks Snap-Chat and technology for taking pumpkin patches to the next level.

These crazy looking pumpkins have little muffin-tops. They made me giggle. 

Meanwhile, my friends are collecting mini-pumpkins like it's the last day of Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. Just one more. Just one more. Their boyfriends just roll their eyes, nod and smile obediently. 

After the patch.. Doesn't that sound so bad-ass? Meet me at the patch!      .. No? Okay.. Cool.

After that little adventure.. we had dinner and drinks at McMens (McMennamins for all those unfamiliar). The food was delish as always. I had their cajun tots (to die for.. literally) and a caesar salad. SO good. 

We all talked about our favorite Halloween movies and joked about how they show Harry Potter during Halloween and During Christmas time too.. all because of one snowy scene. Happy Christmas, Arry! 

anddddd SEGUE. 

Also.. My Mom came to visit on Sunday. So naturally we end up at Target. 

And sometimes things get real weird. It's okay. I know this beard compliments my outfit. You don't have to tell me.

Also, because I couldn't get enough of Pumpkin Patches obviously... I told you I'm straight up OBSESSED. I dragged my mom, willingly I might add, to Roloff Farms because it's close enough we just had to go. 

Anywho.. As we were leaving, Matt Roloff whizzes by us on his little golf cart/ gator thingy and he asks us if we are finding parking okay. He talked to us! My Mom like fan-girled for a second, smiled real big and said "YAH we're good! Thanks!!" 

It was actually pretty awesome.. My Dad and I are slightly in love with the show Little People Big World. I immediately shoot my Dad a text with this image and he texts me back "Get his autograph!!" oops.. sorry Dad. A little too late. 

Needless to say, their property is gorgeous, and I fell in love with the barn that Matt Roloff's older son got married in.

Okay.. I suppose that's enough fall obsession for one day.

Let me know in the comments below your Fall Favorites!


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