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My friend Morgan got married this weekend. Her dress was GORGEOUS and she looked so classy and elegant. We were in the same sorority together (Shout out to Kappa Delta). She married her high school sweetheart and I couldn't be happier for her. 

The table decorations were simple, and the industrial building was extraordinary. The bay windows lead way to the Portland city skyline, and I found myself gazing out the windows at a few of the famous PDX bridges while the world spun on, cars drove fast, and the sunset revealed the prettiest cotton candy pinks and purples I've ever laid eyes on. Needless to say, it really put things into perspective for me. Weddings and get togethers with friends have a funny way and making you re-examine your life.

{{Taking secret selfies so you can remember this moment later on.. and because whoever invented SnapChat was a super genius and I wish I had thought of it myself.}}

{{I didn't want to take my hair out after that night. It turned out so perfect. I loved it! Tutorial on my YouTube channel if you're interested }}

It's funny to me that just a year ago - I was learning (and fumbling) my way through the real world with my first real job, freshly out of college, going through a disastrous break-up, and thinking that my life was complete crap. There's few times in life when I look back and I think about everything that's ever happened to me. Do you have moments like that? It's so emotionally draining, and I don't suggest dragging up every helpless memory that you can think of, but I do it more often than I should.

Anyways.. last year really truly was one of my "Rock Bottoms" in life. I would say I've hit rock bottom twice, maybe three times in my life but that was definitely one of them.

I look at my life in perspective now, and I am so much happier, and so much healthier than I was a year ago. 

It's still difficult every day, but I know that it's better than where I was a year ago... and for that - I am so thankful.

My job might not be my dream dream job, but hopefully, it will help me get to where I want to be some day.

Just look back to who you were a year ago and compare that to who you are today.. I can almost guarantee that you are not the same person you used to be, and with that -- I leave you with the strength to carry on and do the things you always dreamed of doing - because life is a gift and you never know what kind of a person you will be a year from now. Do something today that future you would be proud of and smile about.


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