Runners High

You know what's completely absurd? When I was in college.. well up until my senior year -  I HATED running. Completely despised it. The thought of running on a treadmill or even outside scared me and bored me. I wouldn't even step foot on a treadmill because I knew I would be that girl that started running too fast and wouldn't be able to stop and the machine would fling me across the room.. Is that just me?! I don't think I actually ever saw that happen in my four years of college.. or even to this day - and I still don't know where that silly idea came from. 

In high school, I was a Cheerleader and I played a little bit of tennis.. but neither of these "sports" included running very much, so I dreaded the thought of actually running until my senior year of college. 

All of a sudden my mindset changed, I decided to start slow on the treadmill and soon, when the rainy Oregon weather subsided, I would lace up my sneakers and go for a run outside. The mixture of sunshine and sweat and pushing past that awful tightness in my lungs has helped me in more ways than one. 

You see.. I figured out that running isn't just an exercise. It's a form a therapy. Seriously. 

I challenge you - the next time you're having an awful day and nothing seems to be going right. Put on some comfy running clothes and buy yourself a great pair of sturdy running shoes that won't mess up your feet (I prefer asics) and just go. 

Run. Run as fast as you can or as slow as you want and don't stop. Even when your lungs feel funny, and your brain says "Whoa whoa you need to stop you can't keep running" Just keep running. 
When you're done, you'll sit down for a second and all of a sudden you'll feel this amazing rush of happiness and calmness wash over you. All of your troubles will be gone.

It's a reset button and it works pretty darn well if you ask me.

Also, it's even better when it's sunny and nice and you get to look at cool bridges while you run and blast The Real Slim Shady. You'll feel like a complete badass, and that's pretty cool. 

If you're lucky enough to live in the city, you'll even have bums that yell at you and cheer you on. Not even joking about that one. 

And hey.. I might not be the fastest runner or the most technical runner but I don't really care. I just strap on my shoes and go (Okay.. I lace them up.. but you get the idea). With a great playlist, great shoes, and a will to keep running -- you can accomplish anything.

Ready, Set, Run your heart out :) 


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